Low-Intensity Interval Training by Adhra (Online)

Low-Intensity Interval Training by Adhra (Online)
Low-Intensity Interval Training by Adhra (Online)
  • • Activewear is required
  • • Sports shoes are NOT mandatory
  • • Pre-workout meal is necessary at least 45-minutes before the session
  • • Do not attend on an empty stomach
  • • Don't forget to bring a towel, and a personal yoga mat
Low-Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) is a workout suitable for all Evolvers as it leans towards a much more mindful approach with slower, and more controlled movements. It is a workout that combines strength, cardio and flexibility.

Similar to High Interval Intensity Workout (HIIT) in the sense that it also consists of intervals of exertion followed by rest, but with LOW impact and more controlled movements to minimize stress on the joints. LIIT provides a balanced, total body workout that has a positive effect on joint mobility and elasticity. This type of workout also helps lengthen and stretch the muscles, allowing the body to work efficiently.

LIIT will make you stronger for everyday tasks in everyday life, with productive movement that benefit you outside the gym as well. Class duration: 1 hour.

Trainer credentials - Adhra has 3 years experience. She is a certified YMCA Level 2 Fitness Gym Instructor, and is Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) qualified.

Purchase a group package here to start attending classes online through Zoom. Alternatively, you may purchase classes individually. 

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