As per the Supreme Council's decisions, all Evolvers are required to present proof of vaccination starting September 1st 2021

Core Cardio

Core Cardio
Core Cardio
  • • Activewear is required
  • • Sports shoes are NOT mandatory
  • • Pre-workout meal is necessary at least 45-minutes before the session
  • • Do not attend on an empty stomach
  • • Don't forget to bring a towel, and a personal yoga mat
Core Cardio is for all evolvers. The class incorporates a combination of cardio + abs toning. The workouts test your core while at the same time challenging your cardiovascular fitness. The session starts with a warm-up, then we introduce abs, and cardio sets. The core focus along with cardio helps engage, strengthen, and stabilize total core whilst enhancing overall fitness levels. Cardio exercises pump your heart rate to enhance burning calories. Class duration: 1 hour.

Trainer credentials - Adhra has 3 years experience. She is a certified YMCA Level 2 Fitness Gym Instructor, and is Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) qualified.

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7.000 OMR

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