As per the Supreme Council's decisions, all Evolvers are required to present proof of vaccination starting September 1st 2021

Circuit Training

Circuit Training
Circuit Training
  • • Activewear is required
  • • Sports shoes required
  • • Pre-workout meal recommended 45-minutes before the session
  • • Water bottle (water dispenser available at the studio)
  • • Don't forget to bring a towel - you will be sweating a lot!

Circuit Training involves several full-body exercises using body weight, and additional fitness equipments. This session is set out to avoid exercising the same muscle group consequently; it improves strength, speed, power, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility.
A circuit consists of 8 different stations, a total of 3 sets, and 60-seconds workouts that are followed by 30-seconds of rest. When one circuit is complete, Evolvers will enjoy a 1-2 minutes break, and resume at the first station again for the next circuit. Circuit Training is suitable for all Evolvers. Class duration: 1 hour.

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7.000 OMR
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7.000 OMR

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