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Cardio Kids

Cardio Kids
Cardio Kids
  • • Activewear is required
  • • Sports shoes required
  • • Pre-workout meal recommended 45-minutes before the session
  • • Water bottle (water dispenser available at the studio)
  • • Don't forget to bring a towel - you will be sweating a lot!

Cardio Kids includes aerobic exercises suitable for 6-12 years to challenge, and strengthen the cardiovascular system. The session begins with a warm-up that includes aerobic movement, where kids use large muscles for a period of time, such as running laps. Different stations will also be included as an obstacle course, where kids will need to complete each movement before travelling to the next station.

Moderate physical fun activities are also included that aids muscle and bone strengthening, such as kicking or throwing; this helps kids develop their skills, abilities & coordination, in addition to increasing confidence and self-esteem, plus reducing stress and anxiety levels. We conclude the session with fun, simple cool down stretches. Class duration: 1 hour.

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5.000 OMR
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5.000 OMR

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